Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I just heart NYC

I first visited New York City in December 2008, and got engaged there.

In 2009, I had the chance to go back with Bethany. Of course I jumped on it ... it's New York with my BFF!

This year, I asked my husband to choose a place to visit for our first wedding anniversary. "NOT New York," I warned. "I've been there twice in two years. Pick another place." I waved Boston, Mass., and Washington, D.C., in front of his face like golden carrots.

Then I started thinking. If we don't go to New York, when is the next time I'll get to navigate the subway? When will I look up at those iconic skyscrapers? I'll miss Central Park and dirty water dogs and coffee and bagels.

So I told him I changed my mind. That we can go back to New York. While we haven't started planning yet, here's my wish list for our next trip:

Hotel: Grand Hyatt New York, Grand Central Terminal
We stayed here in 2008, and it was perfect. Not only is the hotel great, with spacious rooms and comfortable beds, but it's right above Grand Central and within walking distance of several landmarks and just about any subway line. Plus, there's a bakery that sells the most delicious black-and-white cookies, and Johnny's cheesecake.

Shopping: Town Shop, Broadway and 82nd
The first time I visited, my sister, stepmom and I had professional fittings. I walked out with $300 in bras ... and immeasurable happiness. A bra that fits! There's no substitute. Town Shop's employees are not only experts in the undergarment industry--knowing when a tug and shimmy will ensure a better fit, but also when to break out a bigger cup size or band extender--but they're fun too. This last visit, I got off my red-eye flight, dropped my bags at the hotel and took the subway straight to Town Shop to restock. My hair may have been droopy and listless when I left, but my ta-ta's sure weren't!

Canal Street
Oh yes, it's illegal. Sure, maybe it's tacky. But golly, it's fun! Beth and I spent hours climbing into vans and basement rooms, poring over knock-off purses and pashminas. We did a lot of giggling, a lot of half-hearted haggling, and are the proud owner of several "Coach" bags.

Divine Bar West, Theatre District
Don't know anything about wine? This place makes people like me feel smart. I loved the urban atmosphere almost as much as I loved the wine flights. I broke a $10 for a half-dozen tastes, and still had enough left over for tips. And don't get me started on the jalepeno poppers with chocolate.

Wine 30 NYC, East 30th between Madison and Park
Beth found this place through a Twitter recommendation, and now I share it with everyone. Talk about tiny, it's tucked cozily into a sidestreet, with a blink-and-you'll-miss-it storefront. But if you do walk past, shame on you. The wine flows, the tapas are fanastic and the staff make you feel like you stumbled on the most accomodating house party ever. We gals were happy to spend hours there, catching up on our lives and enjoying some great wine before teetering off into the evening.

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